5612 Haden Road 

Virginia Beach, VA 23455

one block EAST of Diamond Springs Road
--by the city park

757 464-5650

Chalice schedule
every Sunday:

Sunday School
at 9:30

Fifteen minutes of
Good Singing at 10:45

and a Service of Worship with
The Lord's Supper (Communion)
at 11:00 AM
usually concluding by

Please feel free to join with us any/every Sunday.

Chalice Church
is very

with a slight inclined ramp, automatic door and dedicated ADA restroom!

Our church is very pleased to offer a Williams Hearing Assist System (see the secretary or one of the greeters when arriving to pick up the gear).  Our system is flexible and both those with hearing aids or those with developing hearing problems can use the Williams reciever.

The loop is a necklace which sends a magnetic signal right to the tiny hearing aid. Or those without a hearing aid can use the reciever with regular headphones. Either way, the user gets a direct line from our mics and amplifier, so no extranous noise is heard. 

Click HERE for more information about this powerful enablng technology!

CCC has an AED

Speaking of technology, Chalice now has an AED on hand!

AED stands for an

which is is fully charged and ready for action should the need ever arise. It is in the office work room, by the copier!

We plan to offer training to as many people as would like to know how to operate it, but today, without any training, just about anyone could grab it, turn it on, and the device will instruct everything one needs to know and do.  This model 'talks' to you and walks you through the steps to analyze the possible need to deliver a shock and will also help provide the timing for CPR compressions and breathing!

We also are planning several CPR classes for general CPR and Red Cross Certified training for those who would like or need the official training.

You never know when you can be a lifesaver! We at Chalice are all about saving lives!


Chalice Christian Church is part of a mainline denomination called,...

The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)

This is a church born out of Presbyterian and Baptist roots in the early 19th Century in frontier America. Let us tell you about that name.

We've often held up that particular clunky double denominational name as a great example of compromise and grace and how our early leaders found a win/win solution instead of one side being victorious and the other side losing. 
Barton W. Stone, a North Carolina Baptist and many others (including Thomas Campbell) believed that any follower of Christ 
should be called a Christian, so he and they advocated our church to be called The Christian Church, while the other great leader, Alexander Campbell, a Scots Presbyterian, as well as some in his camp were quite firm from scriptural example that we should be called Disciples (after the usage in the new testament and probably not written with a capital D). Alexander's father was Thomas Campbell mentioned earlier, who was one in agreement with Barton Stone. But instead of our present name reflecting just one of those titles, amazingly, it includes both! The name Disciples of Christ is in parentheses but it's still there. Both names which both leaders thought very important are included in our particular denominational name! That is remarkable! In fact it is laudable, that the opponents were able to come to such a great compromise. Therefore compromise and grace like that has been something of a hallmark of our church throughout generations, both locally, internationally and ecumenically.

For almost two centuries The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) has been an effort of the church of those trying to find and to be about those things that bring us together as  Christians instead of allowing our petty differences to be pushing us apart. To read a Wikipedia article and learn more CLICK HERE . The official website (the name is reduced in length, of course) is
DISCIPLES.COM and there is much more for you to explore theer with links for those interested in knowing more. 
Of course, in our church library are resources for those interested in reading about this great and  fascinating period of early American religious formation.

Chalice Chrisitian Church is likewise a part of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Virginia --our regional church expression with offices in Lynchburg.



Easter Sunday was a special time for all of us but one person was baptized in our early service. I wish more had been there to witness the joy and grace we saw in this young woman. 

Study Groups available now at Chalice!

WEDNESDAY nights at 7 pm
Bible study
of the

1 Corinthians

A faithful group that has been meeting for years but welcomes new people and eats well!  Come and join in each Wednesday.

Begins with a potluck meal.

SUNDAYS at 1 PM after church
a book study of

The Pilgrim's Progress

by John Bunyan


Another great work of fiction essential Reading for every Christian! Gather after church startind Sunday, May 11. We start the fellowship meal at 1 PM sharp with the book study beginning soon after that. We meet in the large Sunday School Room & Board Room. 1 PM should give you enough time to stretch, visit, and do what you need to do after church.  I hope many people will take advantage of this opportunity and stay for a very interesting work of fiction and a great time of fellowship!

Check out this link and there are many online resources.

at 7 pm
a book study of 

Your Church
Experiencing God Together

a book by Henry & Melvin Blackaby

This is a follow-up to Experiencing God (which the Thursday Class concluded recently) The 9 week study addresses many thought-provoking and challenging questions:

“What does it mean to be born into the family of God?”

“How can God use our lives to touch a world in need of salvation?”

"As participants understand the deeper truths of this study, they can experience true fulfillment in life, a manifest presence of God in their midst, and a love that can only come from above."

This study begins with a potluck meal, too!

Below are a few video offerings from our national church --at --take a look and listen!

Blessings to you!
from Chalice Christian Church
in Virginia Beach!

Thanks for checking us out! We hope you'll give us a chance sometime soon to meet and greet you in person.

Chalice cooperates with local Disciple churches and other congregations for various activities and emphases. Chalice also participates in worldwide relief efforts through ecumenical groups like,...



Won't you help us help others? A portion of all giving to Chalice is set apart for outreach but separate gifts for special collections are always encouraged.

Part of our 2014+ expansion and growth will hopefully include many more avenues for giving and opportunities for working, too, for the sake of the Gospel of Christ. These new things (we hope!) will also come from new member ideas and experiences.


Chalice Christian Church meets in the building formerly known as Diamond Springs Christian Church (DSCC) in Virgina Beach. We are next to the city park, one block east of Diamond Springs Road and just a few hundred yards south of Shore Drive.

Haden Road heads to the east at the Public Storage building on Diamond Springs Road (a block north from Care-A-Lot).

Five years ago DSCC merged with First Christian Church (FCC) of Norfolk. Both churches had discussed the possibility and  investigated the legalities and requirements for several years and were eventually blessed to be able to combine both congregations to continue services of worship and meetings at the Diamond Springs facilities. First Christian Church officially closed its doors and sold the Norfolk property.  

It is not every day that two churches are wise enough to see and interpret the variety of handwriting on the wall --but this was a very necessary thing for both congregations to do to make the leap into the future. It was a painful thing for many people and the transition lost many members and families, but it did allow a new church named Chalice Christian Church to be formed to give the merged churches a chance to move forward and flourish for Christ.

Wisely investing and managing the assets from the merger, it has therefore been possible to slowly and methodically renovate the 1950's era Diamond Springs facilities. This has included a necessary upgrade of HVAC equipment, and has provided a new style of lighting and digital image presentation --you really have to see it and experience in person to know what church is like now at Chalice!

Last year the congregation voted to proceed with plans for new construction to add a large hall and a new bathroom suite. The new building will provide another venue for an additional service. The hall will also function as a community hall with amazing possibilities for receptions, meetings, and weddings --including a beautiful sprung wooden floor and a fantastic and versatile sound system.

A Chartres style circular 42 foot labyrinth will be stained into the wood at the north end of the hall for another spiritual offering from the church for whenever the building is open and activiities make it possible for people to walk/pray the labyrinth indoors.

We hope the hall will inspire many forms of outreach and quality programs from lecture series, after school programs for children of all ages, and elder and senior citizen offerings. Some imagine including luncheons and classes of all sorts. The pastor is planning to launch dances for special needs youth, a unique nationally recognized dance/movement program that benefits Parkinsons Disease patients, and host contra dances (an American style of social dance older than square dancing). 

Construction should begin this Spring, as we have been in lengthy evolving conversations and planning with architects, engineers and planners, and have almost all our details worked out with the city. The stage is set for the young Chalice Christian Church to soon break ground and get underway with this blesssing of a project in the very near future. 

Right now, this time, would be a great moment for you to learn more about this church and consider how you might be a part of the creative grace of God here in this church, in this community, and among these people of faith.  We are excited to see who the Lord will lead to us to be a part of this great church and to share our joy in Christ. 

Like the merger of DSCC and FCC/Norfolk --these kinds of opportunities don't come along every day! Come be a part of a great church that is still in the making, and with the will of God we will make Chalice into an even brighter light for all people!

This is a website that serves Hampton Roads and lists all sorts of ministries and efforts to help and assist us and our friends and neighbors. 

CHECK IT OUT and keep it linked and handy --maybe pass it along to friends who would like to have this list to pass along in emergencies.